Mshon began his career as an engineer and consultant in the energy sector, which gave him a strong understanding of various industries, corporations, and marketing strategies. This unique experience allowed him to develop an understanding of complex ideas, but a niche for presenting them in unique ways that anyone could understand.

Born in New Jersey, raised in Northern Virginia, and living his adult years in Atlanta, Georgia, Mshon graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Though much of his life was spent in a structured, corporate setting, Mshon always had an ear to the entertainment industry, and a creative skill for marketing. To overcome the stresses of work, he often found himself traveling the world in the shadows of his brother and sister, JP and Keshia, who are heavily involved in the world of music, film, and entertainment.

It was during these exciting times of travel that Mshon developed a passion for photography and videography by capturing their experiences to share with the world. Over the years, this transitioned into helping clients document their story to professionally build brands. His technical background, social personality, and diverse upbringing gave him a seasoned eye of the world much different than most. Over the years it has developed into what you see today.

Welcome to the life of a MultiPotentialite.

-Mshon Pulliam

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